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Electric golf trolley Spirit Matt


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Product number: 0056-001.1
Product information "Electric golf trolley Spirit Matt"

Electric golf trolleys have now arrived on almost every golf course. In contrast to classic push trolleys, you hardly have to expend any energy on pushing your golf trolley. Continuous further development optimises electric golf trolleys, as demonstrated by the SPIRIT electric golf trolley model. The folding and folding trolleys have been redesigned. The result is a trolley that fits into even the smallest boot of a car and and yet still offers you full benefit on the golf course. The best thing about it: You can set up the trolley in just 5 seconds and disassembled again in less than half a minute.

What else is new with this trolley model?

The frame is made of high-quality stainless steel. The new, compact motor technology with two 90-watt motors is also impressive across the board. Electronic downhill brake and magnetic parking brake as well as speed regulation via a rotary knob increase the safety of the trolley. The SPIRIT also has a reverse gear. This makes this trolley easy to manoeuvre on any terrain and around obstacles. The lithium-ion battery, which supplies the motor with energy, lasts for at least 27 holes - enough range for an extended match. The newly integrated charge level indicator in the battery keeps you informed of the charge status at all times.

Thanks to the reduced motor dimensions, the SPIRIT weighs just 7.9 kilograms when empty - you can load up to a maximum of 25 kilograms of golf equipment and accessories. Scorecard and umbrella holders, also made of stainless steel, round off the equipment.

Matching accessories for the golf trolley

In addition to the trolley itself, you will also receive a matching pannier. If you are not using the golf trolley, you can store it in this bag to protect it from dust, moisture and dirt. If you don't like the black of the rim, the SPIRIT golf trolley is also available with coloured rims. Choose between black, silver, orange, red, pink, green and new in dark blue and bring a little colour to the golf course.


Properties "Electric golf trolley Spirit Matt"
Akkutyp: Lithium Akku 25,9 Volt, 9Ah mit Ladestandsanzeige
Antrieb: "Noisless" High Tech Antrieb 35mm
Batterieanzeige: Am Akku mit 5 LED
Batterieladegerät: Fa. BMZ
Bedienung: Geschwindigkeitsregler/ Start/Stop/Rückwärts Taste und Timertaste
Bergabfahrbremse (Down Hill Control): Yes
Color: Matt gestrahlt, Schwarz pulver beschichtet
Distanztimer: 10,20,30 meter
Energierückgewinnung: Ja
Fernbedienung: No
Freilauffunktion: Ja, Hinterräder entkoppelbar
Garantieleistungen : 2 Jahre Garantie, 5 Jahre auf den Rahmen
Geschwindigkeit: 0-9 km/h stufenlos
Gewicht Batterie: 1.100 Gramm
Gewicht ohne Batterie: : 7,9Kg
Griffmaterial: Leder
Hinterräder: Abnehmbar mit Freilauffunktion
Höhenverstellung Griff: yes, many steps
Konstruktionsweise: Falt und Steckrahmen in einem System
Laufleistung Akku: 27-36 holes
Lieferumfang: Akkuhalterung, Batterieverlängerungskabel, Golftrolley, Lithiumbatterie, Permanentladegerät, Regenschirmhalter Edelstahl, Scorekartenhalter Edelstahl, Steckschlüssel, Trolleytasche
Material Rahmen: stainless steel
Maße aufgebaut: 84x67x79,5cm, 84x68x79cm (Griffstange herunter geklappt)
Maße gefaltet:: 66x65x13,5cm (Hinterräder abgenommen)
Memory Funktion : yes
Motorleistung: 2x90 Watt
Parkbremse: Magnetbremse für 100% Bremskraft in Hanglage
Rahmenart: Falt und Steckrahmen in einem System
Räder Material: Nylon verstärkter Kunststoff
Soft Anlauf: yes
Soft Stop: Ja
T Griff: Optional gegen Aufpreis
Vor- und Rücklauf: Ja

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Electric golf trolley Spirit Matt


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