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Golf trolley batteries for a long service life

A round of golf can sometimes take many hours. A great relief on these days is a golf trolley, which means you don't have to carry your equipment around the course yourself. It holds all your equipment and moves it easily from tee to tee. During the strenuous task, your golf trolley needs batteries that do not minimize the performance of the vehicle during the entire game and can withstand the strain.

You can only play an exciting game of golf if you can impress on the course with a wide range of equipment. There are a total of four different clubs that can be used at any time.

  • Woods for the tee shot
  • Irons for optimal target results
  • Wedges to play around obstacles
  • Putters for putting

All these golf clubs are inherently quite heavy, which is why professional and amateur golfers are increasingly turning to golf trolleys. The little companions for pulling or pushing ensure that you transfer all your energy into the shots and therefore don't have to expend any energy on arduous transportation.

It's annoying when the battery-operated helpers give up the ghost in the middle of the game. To prevent this, golf trolley batteries are helpful and indispensable accessories. Quickly replaced, the trolley can whirl around the green fee again and safely store other equipment such as scorecards, balls or rangefinders in addition to the clubs.

Optimum protection for your golf trolley batteries

If you already have golf trolley batteries for your model, we recommend the additional purchase of practical battery bags to provide adequate protection for the sensitive power generators. Space-saving, like the Falcon battery bag, which holds the lithium-ion batteries for the golf trolley and is attached directly to the handle, they can be connected immediately to the original charging station using the accompanying battery extension cable. Both the Falcon battery bag and the Taurus model are made of robust nylon, which protects the golf trolley batteries from dirt and unwelcome damage. In classic black, they also match the look of the equipment trolleys.

Battery extension cable for golf trolley batteries

In some cases, the distance to the permanently installed charger is too far to connect the golf trolley batteries to the power supply connection. A battery extension cable in various lengths is a quick remedy. The small cables, which are equipped with a Neutrik socket and matching plug, are available in lengths of 25, 50 or 80 centimeters. Tailored to your needs, your golf trolley battery can be attached and connected anywhere on the linkage.

Tips for your golf trolley battery for longer use

Golfers take a break, especially in the winter months. During this time, the equipment should not simply be put in the garage, but should be stored in such a way that it can be used optimally again in the coming season.

For the battery of your golf trolley, this means that it must be disconnected from the charger after the last use and before a longer break in play. Then store the battery in a room that is frost-free and not too warm to protect it from self-discharge. Most power storage batteries are available as lithium-ion current collectors - they are therefore characterized by their ability to lose only minimal power. However, if you have your own caddy box or store your equipment at the golf club, you can leave the golf trolley battery on the charger without worrying, as the boxes automatically switch to idle mode after charging.

The chargers of the small trolleys have three different color diodes:

    • Red for mains operation
    • Yellow for charging
    • Green for end of charging mode

When starting up, you should always make sure that it is working properly. If one of the LEDs fails, have the golf trolley checked.

Buy golf trolley batteries online

In our online store at, we offer you a wide range of golf trolley batteries for a wide variety of models. Whether you need a battery for a push or pull trolley, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Additional accessories such as protective battery bags or battery extension cables ensure optimum equipment and performance.

In addition to useful accessories, we also offer a wide range of golf trolleys. The space-saving and quickly stowable manual models offer you sufficient space for all your sports equipment. High-quality and smooth-running electric golf trolleys are not only comfortable companions on an 18-hole course, they also completely relieve the golfer of the burden of carrying clubs.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our top-class range. Talk to us!