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Golf trolley spare parts

An optimally maintained golf trolley is the key to a smooth game on the green. At Leisure Golf, we specialize in offering you a wide range of spare parts for your golf trolley. From batteries to wheels to chargers, we are your trusted partner when it comes to keeping your trolley in top shape.

Take a look at our diverse range and enjoy the benefits of our fair prices and fast delivery times.

Our maintenance service - For a trolley that is always ready for use

At Leisure Golf, we know how crucial a well-maintained golf trolley is for your golf game. That's why we offer a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure your trolley is always in top condition. From regular inspections to repairs, our experienced team of technicians are on hand to keep your trolley in top shape.

Powerful batteries - the heart of your electric golf trolley

A powerful battery is essential for every electric golf trolley. In our range you will find a variety of batteries that have been specially designed for use in golf trolleys. They guarantee a long battery life and ensure that your trolley does not run out of power, even on the longest rounds.

Robust wheels - for optimum maneuverability on the golf course

The wheels of a golf trolley have to withstand a lot. That's why we provide you with robust and durable wheels that have been specially developed for use on the golf course. They provide excellent traction on different surfaces and ensure that your trolley is always easy and effortless to maneuver.

Reliable chargers - For a battery that is always fully charged

A reliable charger is essential to ensure that your trolley battery is always fully charged and ready for use. Our chargers are easy to use and ensure that your battery is charged quickly and efficiently.

Accessories for your golf trolley

Golf gloves and umbrella holders - for comfort and protection on the golf course

In addition to spare parts, our range also includes a variety of accessories for your golf trolley. Our golf gloves ensure a secure grip and are available in various designs. We also offer practical umbrella holders that can be easily attached to the trolley. So you are always prepared for changing weather conditions and can enjoy your game whatever the weather.

Scorecard holders and holders for GPS devices - for convenient use of your golf trolley

For even more convenient use of your golf trolley, we also offer scorecard holders and holders for GPS devices. So you always have everything in view and can concentrate fully on your game.

Your plus with Leisure Golf

At Leisure Golf, we offer you an extensive selection of high-quality golf trolley spare parts at fair prices. From an order value of €199, we deliver free of charge within Germany. Our fast delivery ensures that you will soon be able to hold your spare parts in your hands. In addition, our comprehensive maintenance service ensures that your trolley is always in top form.

Frequently asked questions

We offer a wide range of spare parts for various brands of golf trolleys. If you need a specific spare part that you cannot find in our online store, you are welcome to contact our customer service.
The service life of a golf trolley battery can vary depending on use and care. In general, however, we recommend changing the battery every 3-5 years to ensure optimum performance. But only when the performance starts to deteriorate noticeably.
Regular inspections and maintenance are key to maintaining the performance of your golf trolley wheels. Check the wheels regularly for signs of wear and tear and clean them after every round to remove dirt and debris. If necessary, we offer replacement wheels in our online store.